Dr. Sachin Ghalme - Mechanical Engineering - Best Researcher Award🏆

Sandip Institute of Technology and Research Centre, Nashik - India

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

He pursued his academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from S.R.E.S.’s College of Engineering, Kopargaon, affiliated with the University of Pune, where he achieved a First Class with Distinction in June 2001. He continued his education with a Master's degree in Mechanical Design Engineering from P.R.E’s .CoE, Loni, University of Pune, Pune, graduating in December 2007 with a First Class.

Professional Endeavors

He has accumulated a wealth of experience in academia. Currently, he serves as the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Sandip Institute of Technology and Research Centre in Nashik since September 2022. Prior to this, he held the position of Associate Professor at the same institution since November 2018, where he received university approval for the academic year 2019-20.

Contributions and Research Focus

His research expertise lies in the tribological behavior of materials, specifically focusing on the role of Hexagonal Boron (hBN) addition on Silicon Nitride (Si3N4). His Ph.D. thesis, "Role of Hexagonal Boron (hBN) Addition on Tribological Behavior of Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)," showcases his dedication to advancing knowledge in this field.

Accolades and Recognition

He has earned recognition as a Recognized PG Teacher and a Recognized Ph.D. Research Guide by Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. His academic and research contributions have been acknowledged through various platforms, emphasizing his commitment to education and scholarly pursuits.

Impact and Influence

His impact is evident through his extensive teaching experience, guidance to Ph.D. scholars, and the numerous projects he has supervised. The filed patents also indicate his efforts to bridge the gap between academia and industry, contributing to real-world solutions.

Legacy and Future Contributions

His legacy is marked by his multifaceted contributions in academia, research, and innovation. His commitment to guiding the next generation of researchers and his innovative patents lay the foundation for a lasting impact. In the future, one can anticipate further strides in research, education, and practical applications in the field of Mechanical Engineering under his leadership.


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Notable Publications

Sachin Ghalme | Mechanical Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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