Mr. Sanat Kumar Paul - Electrical Engineering -  Research Achievement Award 🏆

Dhalai District Polytechnic - India

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

He embarked on his academic journey with a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from NERIST, Itanagar, where he laid the foundation for his future research pursuits. He continued his educational trajectory with a Master's from IIT Kanpur, specializing in Power Engineering, followed by a current pursuit of a Ph.D. from NIT, Silchar, focusing on Electrical Engineering.

Professional Endeavors

His career spans various facets, from his tenure as a Service Engineer at Siemens to managerial roles in the Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited. He has enriched the academic sphere as a lecturer and Sr. Lecturer in government polytechnics. His engagement as a Guest Lecturer at NERIST reflects his dedication to education.

Contributions and Research Focus in Electrical Engineering

His research, notably in Convex Relaxation for Power Systems, stands out, showcased through publications in prestigious journals and conferences. His recent work on Convex Relaxation in Active Distribution Networks has garnered attention in the field of Electrical Engineering.

Accolades and Recognition

His academic prowess has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Prof. L.P. Singh Power System Research Award and the Academic Excellence Awards from IIT Kanpur. His consistent academic excellence is demonstrated through multiple medals and awards during his academic pursuits.

Impact and Influence

Beyond academia, his contributions extend to community service. His involvement with PRAYAS at IIT Kanpur and the Vistas Study Zone in Arunachal Pradesh showcases his commitment to empowering underprivileged students through education.

Legacy and Future Contributions

His multidimensional skills, encompassing research, teaching, management, and community service, signify a promising future. His continual focus on innovative research in electrical engineering and dedication to academic excellence marks him as a dynamic contributor to the field.

Notable Publications

Sanat Kumar Paul | Electrical Engineering |  Research Achievement Award

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