Ms. Sunaina Singh - Microgrid - Best Researcher Award 🏆

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi - India 

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits :

She commenced her academic journey with a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering at Kunvar Satyavira College of Engineering and Management, where she displayed a solid commitment to her studies, achieving a commendable cumulative percentage of 74%. Her thirst for knowledge led her to pursue a Master of Sciences and Research in the Centre of Automotive Research and Tribology (CART) at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, indicating a shift towards specialized studies in automotive technology and research.

Professional Endeavors :

During her tenure at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, She engaged in a pivotal engineering internship focusing on "Control of Grid Interfaced Solar Photovoltaic Energy with Networked Electric Vehicles to Enable Vehicles a Smart Grid". This experience expanded her understanding of innovative energy systems and their integration within smart grids, showcasing her early involvement in cutting-edge technological advancements.

Contributions and Research Focus in Microgrid :

Her primary research focus lies in the domain of renewable energy, particularly in the Microgrid integration of renewables and power quality issues along with mitigation techniques. Her Master's dissertation titled "Control of Grid Interactive Solar Photovoltaic Generating System" under the guidance of Prof. Bijaya K. Panigrahi and Prof. Bhim Singh demonstrated her expertise in implementing advanced control schemes for grid-integrated solar photovoltaic systems. Her research contributions included analyzing power quality aspects, implementing control schemes for enhanced system performance, and showcasing the advantages of integrated systems on regional distribution networks and community grids.

Accolades and Recognition :

While specific accolades or awards may not be explicitly mentioned, Her immersion in specialized coursework, dissertation, and internship at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi stands as a testament to her dedication and potential in the field of renewable energy and automotive technology.

Impact and Influence :

Her research endeavors hold promise in shaping the future of renewable energy integration, particularly in improving grid stability, power quality, and the efficient integration of solar photovoltaic systems. Her work showcases potential impacts on the regional distribution network and community grids, contributing to the advancement of sustainable energy solutions.

Legacy and Future Contributions :

Building upon her expertise in micro grid-integrated renewables and power quality, she aspires to continue delving into innovative research and pioneering solutions that address the challenges faced by renewable energy systems. Her legacy lies in contributing to the development of more robust and efficient renewable energy integration techniques, leaving a lasting impact on the domain and promoting a sustainable energy future.

Notable Publications :

Sunaina Singh | Microgrid | Best Researcher Award

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