Mr. Aakash Mohandoss - Mathematical Modelling - Best Researcher Award 🏆

SRM Institute of Science and Technology - India 

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits :

He embarked on a journey of academic excellence early on, showcasing a consistent dedication to mathematics. His scholastic journey commenced at St. Joseph Matric Higher Secondary School, where his zeal for the subject was evident from his exceptional performance in SSLC and HSC exams, scoring 93% and 74%, respectively.

Professional Endeavors :

His professional journey took a remarkable turn during his tenure at Schlumberger, where he showcased his research acumen. His involvement in diverse research activities, evident through his ResearchGate profile and Google Scholar citations, underlines his commitment to academic growth and exploration.

Contributions and Research Focus in Mathematical Modelling:

He has delved into the realm of mathematical modeling, exhibiting a keen interest in the implications of Mathematical Modelling concepts on real-world scenarios. His published research papers, notably the study on the impact of partially and fully vaccinated individuals in India during the COVID-19 outbreak, demonstrate his ability to apply mathematical principles to pertinent societal issues.

Accolades and Recognition :

His scholarly contributions have garnered recognition, as evidenced by his Scopus Author ID and the publication of multiple research papers. Furthermore, completing a series of online courses showcases his commitment to continuous learning and skill development.

Impact and Influence :

His research outputs, particularly his work on the COVID-19 outbreak, hold significance in understanding the dynamics of infectious diseases and vaccination strategies, potentially influencing public health policies and interventions.

Legacy and Future Contributions :

With a strong foundation in mathematical modeling and a proven track record in research, he is poised to contribute significantly to the academic and professional spheres. His legacy is marked by a commitment to advancing knowledge through meticulous research and a drive to create an impact through his scholarly endeavors. Looking ahead, he aims to continue exploring mathematical models for addressing societal challenges, leaving a lasting imprint in the field of mathematics and its applications.

Notable Publications :

Aakash Mohandoss | Mathematical Modelling | Best Researcher Award

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