Dr. A V Raghu  Nanomaterials - Research Achievement Award 🏆

BLDE Deemed to be University - India 

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits :

He commenced his academic journey by acquiring a Bachelor's degree in PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) from the University of Mysore in 1994. Building upon this foundation, he pursued a Master of Science in Polymer Science from the University of Mysore in 1996, delving into the exploration of natural fibers and agro waste-based composites. His educational pursuits continued with a B.Ed. in Physics and Mathematics in 1999 from the same institution. In 2006, he attained his Ph.D. in Polymer Science from the Center of Excellence in Polymer Science at Karnatak University, focusing on synthesizing and applying innovative polymers.

Professional Endeavors :

He has carved an illustrious career path as a Professor and Coordinator in the Faculty of Science & Technology at BLDE Deemed-to-be University in Vijayapura, India. His expertise lies in the realms of Polymer Science, Energy, and Chemistry, reflected in his influential roles as an editor, advisory board member, and associate editor for prestigious journals like the Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, Frontiers in Chemistry, Nanomaterials and others.

Contributions and Research Focus in Nanomaterials :

His contributions to the scientific community revolve around pioneering research in Polymer Chemistry and Energy Technologies. His research endeavors have led to significant advancements in the synthesis of novel polymers and their diverse applications. His work encompasses materials science, nanotechnology, environmental engineering, and green materials, contributing extensively to these fields' growth and development.

Accolades and Recognition :

His exceptional contributions have been recognized through various accolades and awards, including the Sir C.V. Raman Young Scientists State Award, Anjanapura V. Raghu - AD Scientific Index, Stanford Study Top 2% ranking, and the Best Researcher in Chemistry accolade from BLDE University. Additionally, his research publications have earned him awards from the VGST Govt. of Karnataka, further validating his impactful scientific contributions.

Impact and Influence :

His influential presence is evident through consistent recognition as one of the 'World Top 2% Scientists' in subject areas of Polymers, Energy, and Chemistry. His roles as an editorial board member, editor, and associate editor for renowned journals underline his influence in shaping the discourse and direction of scientific research in his areas of expertise.

Legacy and Future Contributions :

His legacy rests upon his substantial contributions to Polymer Science, Energy Technologies, and Chemistry, shaping the scholarly landscape and inspiring future scientists. His future contributions are anticipated to further propel advancements in polymer synthesis, energy materials, and environmental engineering, continuing to enrich these domains and inspire aspiring researchers.


                   Citations            8453
                    h-index               53
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Notable Publications :

Raghu | Nanomaterials | Research Achievement Award

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