Dr. Tithi Trivedi | Bioinformatics | Best Research Award🏆

Gujarat University - India 

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

She began her academic journey with a Bachelor's in Chemistry, paving her path towards a Master's and a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics at Gujarat University. These formative years developed her expertise in molecular biology, computational science, and bioinformatics.

Professional Endeavors

Her career commenced as a Junior Scientist at the Frige Institute of Human Genetics, Ahmedabad, where she honed her skills in small RNA sequencing data analysis and gene expression microarray data analysis. Transitioning from a Junior Scientist role, she ventured into academia, taking on roles as an Assistant Professor at Gujarat University.

Contributions and Research Focus in Bioinformatics 

She has made substantial contributions to the field of bioinformatics, showcased in her extensive publication portfolio. Her research focused on identifying microRNAs in various botanical species, exploring their potential impact on human gene targets. Notable studies include insights into microRNAs from Holarrhena pubescens stems and the transcriptome-wide study of Picrorhiza kurroa miRNAs in human cystic fibrosis.

Accolades and Recognition

Her commendable contributions have been acknowledged through publications in reputable journals like Functional & Integrative Genomics and Human Gene. Notably, her research on cancer drug targets for nature-derived phytochemicals received acclaim in the International Association of Biologicals and Computational Digest.

Impact and Influence

Her meticulous work in bioinformatics and genomics has paved the way for innovative research methodologies. Her efforts have significantly impacted understanding microRNA roles in various botanical species, demonstrating potential implications in human gene targets and disease mechanisms.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Her ongoing pursuit of identifying conserved microRNAs across diverse plant species and their potential interactions with human targets reflects her commitment to advancing our knowledge in genomics. Her dedication to exploring novel connections between botanical microRNAs and human health holds promise for future breakthroughs in bioinformatics and molecular biology.

Notable Publications

Tithi Trivedi | Bioinformatics | Best Research Award

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