Prof. Keloth Basavaiah - Analytical Chemistry - Best Researcher Award ūüŹÜ

Andhra University - India 

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits :

His academic journey commenced with a Bachelor's in Chemistry, furthering his educational prowess with a Master's degree in Chemistry and culminating in a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Andhra University. His doctoral research focused on the synthesis and characterization of organic-inorganic hybrid nanocomposites, pioneering advancements in catalytic and antimicrobial applications.

Professional Endeavors :

Starting as an Assistant Professor, he steadily progressed through the academic ranks, ultimately attaining the esteemed position of Professor at Andhra University. His academic tenure spanning 17 years includes pivotal roles such as Director of the School of Chemistry and Placement Officer at AU College of Science and Technology. He actively contributes to academic circles, having guided numerous research projects and publications.

Contributions and Research Focus in Analytical Chemistry:

He has left an indelible mark in Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals analysis, and the synthesis of Multifunctional Nanomaterials. His research endeavors encompass Nanostructures of Intrinsic Conducting Polymers, Green Synthesis of Metal and Metal Oxide Carbon-based materials like Graphene and Carbon Quantum Dots. This extensive research focus has been instrumental in enhancing the understanding and applications of these materials across various domains.

Accolades and Recognition :

His contributions have earned him a prolific reputation with numerous publications in prestigious national and international journals, accompanied by participation and presentation of research papers at a multitude of conferences and workshops. His work has also been recognized through patents and projects granted substantial grants.

Impact and Influence :

His significant impact resonates through his extensive experience in administrative roles, including Directorship, Co-ordinatorships, and Membership in academic committees at Andhra University. His influence extends beyond academia, contributing as an Expert Member to UPSC, New Delhi.

Legacy and Future Contributions :

With a stellar career and an unwavering commitment to academia, he continues to shape the future of Chemistry through research, academic leadership, and guidance. His legacy lies in the multitude of students mentored, projects supervised, Analytical Chemistry and the enduring impact of his research in advancing scientific knowledge and applications.


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Notable Publications :

Keloth Basavaiah | Analytical Chemistry | Best Researcher Award

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