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Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

Her academic journey commenced with a strong foundation in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Graduating with distinction from Rao Bahadur Y Mahabaleswarappa Engineering College, Ballari, she demonstrated a keen interest in power electronics. This enthusiasm led her to pursue a Master's degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with a specialization in Power Electronics from Ballari Institute of Technology & Management. Her academic pursuits laid the groundwork for her future endeavors in electric vehicles and renewable energy.

Professional Endeavors

Following her educational pursuits, she embarked on a multifaceted career path encompassing teaching, research, and industry experience. With over nine years of cumulative experience, she has served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering at The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore. Additionally, she undertook a part-time Ph.D. program at Presidency University, Bangalore, focusing on online estimation of battery parameters in electric buses using AI algorithms. Her internship at Jindal Steel Works further enriched her industry knowledge and practical insights into electrical systems.

Contributions and Research Focus in Electric vehicles

Her research interests lie at the intersection of electric vehicles, renewable energy, and artificial intelligence. Her doctoral research on online estimation of lithium-ion battery parameters for electric buses underscores her commitment to advancing the field of electric transportation. By leveraging AI algorithms, she aims to enhance the efficiency and reliability of electric vehicle batteries, thus contributing to the sustainability and widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Additionally, her research extends to renewable energy integration and the development of smart grid technologies, reflecting her holistic approach to addressing energy challenges.

Accolades and Recognition 

Her contributions to academia and research have garnered recognition and accolades. Her academic achievements, coupled with her research endeavors, have positioned her as a promising researcher in the field of electric vehicles and renewable energy. As a recipient of numerous academic honors and awards, including her ranking in national and state-level examinations, Mrs. Reshma.P's dedication to excellence has been widely acknowledged within the academic community.

Impact and Influence

Through her teaching, research, and industry engagements, she has had a significant impact on her students, colleagues, and peers. Her expertise in electric vehicles and renewable energy has inspired the next generation of engineers and researchers to pursue careers in sustainable technology. By actively contributing to research and disseminating knowledge through publications and conferences, she continues to shape the discourse surrounding transportation, sustainability, and renewable energy.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As her career progresses, her legacy as a leading researcher and educator in electric vehicles and renewable energy is poised to grow. Her ongoing research endeavors and commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration are expected to yield innovative solutions to pressing energy and transportation challenges. By leveraging her expertise in AI and renewable energy, she aims to drive advancements in electric vehicle technology and contribute to a cleaner, greener future. Through her continued contributions to academia, research, and industry, Mrs. Reshma.P will leave a lasting impact on the field of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation.

Notable Publications

Reshma P | Electric vehicles| Best Researcher Award

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