Dr. Lakshmi Narayan Guin - Mathematical Biology - Research Innovation Award 🏆

Visva-Bharati University - India

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

He embarked on his academic journey with a Bachelor's degree (B.Sc. Hons.) in Mathematics from Siksha-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati. He continued his studies at the same institution, earning a Master's degree (M.Sc.) in Mathematics. Additionally, he pursued a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) at Katwa College, affiliated with The University of Burdwan. His academic pursuits culminated in a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Siksha-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati, with a focus on Turing instabilities and spatial pattern formation in predator-prey models.

Professional Endeavors

His professional journey began when he joined as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, India, on November 11, 2010. Prior to this, he served as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Mankar College, Mankar-Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal, India, affiliated with The University of Burdwan, from April 18, 2007, to November 10, 2010.

Contributions and Research Focus in Mathematical Biology

His primary research focus lies in Mathematical Biology and Nonlinear Dynamics, with specific interests in Dynamical Systems, Population Dynamics, Dynamics of Infectious Diseases, Differential Equations, and their applications in Biology. He has made significant contributions to the field, particularly in the study of stability and spatial patterns through diffusion-driven instability in predator-prey models.

Accolades and Recognition

He has received recognition for his contributions, both as a researcher and an educator. His work has garnered attention, evident in the awards received by his Ph.D. students for their theses. The acknowledgment of dynamical complexity in ecological models, studies on atherosclerosis, and the dynamical behavior of interacting populations reflects the impact of his guidance.

Impact and Influence

His commitment to research is evident through his involvement in a Minor Research Project funded by the University Grants Commission. The project, titled "The study of the stability and spatial patterns through diffusion-driven instability in a predator-prey model," was successfully completed.

Legacy and Future Contributions

His legacy is marked by his extensive research in mathematical biology and nonlinear dynamics. His influence extends through the achievements of his Ph.D. students, who have successfully defended their theses under his guidance. As an Associate Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Guin continues to contribute to the academic and research community, leaving a lasting impact on the field. Looking forward, his future contributions are anticipated to further enrich the understanding of dynamical systems and mathematical modeling in biological contexts.


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Notable Publications

Lakshmi Narayan Guin | Mathematical Biology | Research Innovation Award

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