Dr. Chaitali Ghosh - Mosquito genetics - Best Researcher Award 🏆

Tata Institute for Genetics and Society - India 

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits :

She embarked on her academic journey by obtaining an M.Sc. in Zoology with a specialization in Entomology from The University of Burdwan, West Bengal. She continued her pursuit of knowledge by achieving a Ph.D. in Mosquito Genetics from the Center for Applied Genetics, Bangalore University, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship in Research Associate status awarded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, New Delhi.

Professional Endeavors :

Her career spans across various domains, including her significant roles as Assistant Insectary Manager at Tata Institute for Genetics and Society (TIGS), Senior Researcher, and Editorial Manager. She also contributed as a Guest Lecturer in several renowned institutions and served as a Consultant for Medicine for Malaria Venture (MMV), Geneva.

Contributions and Research Focus in Mosquito genetics:

Her research focus predominantly revolves around mosquito biology, genetics, and ecology, with an emphasis on Anopheles stephensi, a malaria vector. Dr. Ghosh has delved into topics encompassing insectary management, mosquito genomics, biodiversity, parasite interactions, and vector control management. Additionally, she actively participates in scientific reviews, publications, and training programs for capacity building.

Accolades and Recognition :

Acknowledging her scholarly contributions, She received the 'Special Presentation' award from the Indian Society for Parasitology at the 3rd Global Meet on Parasitic Diseases. She serves as a reviewer for esteemed peer-reviewed journals and holds membership in various scientific societies, including the RBM-Vector Control Working Group and American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Impact and Influence :

Her extensive expertise in mosquito-related studies, genetic research, and vector-borne disease control has contributed significantly to the understanding and management of mosquito-borne diseases. Her work has left a lasting impact on the scientific community, evident through her memberships, affiliations, and contributions to global research initiatives.

Legacy and Future Contributions :

Her legacy lies in her multifaceted contributions to the field of mosquito biology, genetics, and disease control. Her continued commitment to research, mentoring, and scientific collaboration is poised to further propel advancements in vector-borne disease control and mosquito-related studies for the betterment of public health globally.

Notable Publications :

Chaitali Ghosh | Mosquito genetics | Best Researcher Award

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