The Visionary Researcher Award celebrates outstanding researchers in India whose groundbreaking work and vision have significantly advanced knowledge and innovation across various disciplines.

About the Award:

The Visionary Researcher Award recognizes individuals in India who have demonstrated exceptional vision, leadership, and groundbreaking contributions through their research endeavors, pioneering new pathways and pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Open to researchers, scientists, or scholars in India showcasing exceptional vision in their research
  • No specific age limit
  • Demonstrated impact and influence through visionary research work
  • Qualifications showcasing exceptional contributions or visionary research outcomes
  • Evidence of significant impact or contributions resulting from the visionary research efforts

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Originality and innovation demonstrated in the research work or discoveries
  • The depth and breadth of impact or potential transformative effects of the research
  • Visionary approach, creativity, and foresight exhibited in addressing complex challenges
  • Potential for future advancements or applications resulting from the research
  • Overall contribution to advancing knowledge and inspiring future research endeavors

Submission Guidelines:

  • Nomination dossier highlighting the biography and exceptional achievements related to visionary research
  • Abstract detailing the visionary aspects and impact of the research
  • Supporting documentation illustrating the significance and success of the visionary research work


Recipients of the Visionary Researcher Award are honored through a prestigious ceremony, gaining recognition and respect within the academic and research communities in India.

Community Impact:

Winners serve as role models, inspiring and fostering a culture of visionary thinking and groundbreaking research, impacting future researchers and the broader community.

Visionary Researcher Award

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