The Technology Visionary Award celebrates the exceptional visionaries in India who have redefined technological landscapes, inspired innovation, and revolutionized the way we perceive and utilize technology.

About the Award:

The Technology Visionary Award in India honors individuals who have shown unparalleled vision, pioneering spirit, and a transformative approach in shaping the technological realm.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Open to exceptional technologists, innovators, and pioneers in India
  • No specific age limit
  • Demonstrated significant impact and leadership in technological advancements
  • Qualifications showcasing visionary contributions, innovations, or technological breakthroughs
  • Evidence of influential publications, patents, or game-changing technological initiatives

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Visionary contributions and transformative impact on technological landscapes
  • Pioneering innovations or breakthroughs that redefine technological norms
  • Leadership and influence in advancing technology and its applications
  • Contributions leading to substantial improvements or disruptions within technological domains
  • Potential for continued visionary leadership and impact on future technological advancements

Submission Guidelines:

  • Nomination dossier highlighting the nominee's biography and exceptional technological achievements
  • Abstract showcasing key technological innovations and their impact
  • Supporting documentation illustrating the nominee's influence and transformative contributions within the technology domain


Recipients of the Technology Visionary Award are honored through a prestigious ceremony, gaining recognition and admiration within the technological, innovation, and entrepreneurial communities in India.

Community Impact:

Winners serve as inspirations, driving innovation, fostering technological growth, and setting benchmarks for future technological advancements, impacting society on a larger scale.

Technology Visionary Award

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