Ms. Sharmila N.B - Mathematical Biology - Young Scientist Award ūüŹÜ

SRM Institute of Science and Technology - India 

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits :

She initiated her academic journey with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Sri Kanyakaparameswari Arts and Science, affiliated with the University of Madras, showcasing an impressive CGPA of 8.3 in 2018. Her academic pursuit continued with a Master of Science in Mathematics from Guru Nanak College (Autonomous) in 2020, where she achieved a notable CGPA of 9.1. her academic excellence began early on, evident in her outstanding performance in HSC (83.3%) and SSLC (91%) from C.S.I Bain Higher Secondary School in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Professional Endeavors :

Currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, She focuses on exploring the dynamics of Prey-Predator systems through differential equations. Her research interests span various mathematical domains, including Differential Equations, Stability Analysis, Dynamical Systems, and more. She has actively engaged in numerous online certification programs, notably completing courses in Mathematical Modelling and Dynamical Models in Biology through NPTEL.

Contributions and Research Focus in Mathematical Biology :

She has significantly contributed to academia with an impressive portfolio, having published and presented five research articles and participated in numerous conferences (16), workshops (14), and webinars (7). Her research endeavors primarily focus on Differential Equations, Mathematical Biology, Delay Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Stability Analysis, and Dynamical Systems, showcasing her dedication to advancing mathematical knowledge through rigorous investigations.

Accolades and Recognition :

While on her academic journey, She has displayed a penchant for academic excellence, as evident from her noteworthy CGPA achievements during her undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Additionally, her active participation and contributions in conferences, workshops, and research publications underscore her dedication to scholarly pursuits, earning her recognition within the academic community.

Impact and Influence :

Her impact reverberates through her prolific engagement in conferences, publications,  Mathematical Biology and educational programs, showcasing her commitment to enhancing mathematical knowledge and disseminating research findings. Her proactive approach in seeking diverse learning opportunities and contributing to conferences and publications highlights her potential to influence the academic landscape positively.

Legacy and Future Contributions :

With a strong foundation in Mathematics and an extensive portfolio of academic engagement and research contributions, her legacy rests on her continued dedication to advancing mathematical understanding. Her future contributions are anticipated to further enrich the field, fostering collaboration, and driving innovative research in areas related to Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and Mathematical Modelling.


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Notable Publications :

Sharmila N.B | Mathematical Biology | Young Scientist Award

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