Dr. Manob Das | Ecosystem | Young Scientist Award

Ramananda College- India

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Early Academic Pursuits

Manob Das began his academic journey at the University of Gour Banga, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from 2010 to 2013, followed by a Master of Arts in Geography from 2013 to 2015. These foundational years laid the groundwork for his future specialization in Remote Sensing, Geoinformatics (GIS), ecosystem services, and urban ecology.

Professional Endeavors

Mr. Das currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at Ramananda College, Bishnupur, Bankura, West Bengal, India. His professional journey includes significant contributions to research and academia, with a focus on urban ecology, landscape planning, and environmental sociology. He has collaborated extensively with institutions like the Forest Research Institute (FRI), Delhi Technological University (DTU), and Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, as well as international collaborations with researchers from Germany, Spain, Lithuania, and Portugal.

Contributions and Research Focus

Manob Das has made notable contributions to the field of Geography through his research on urban green infrastructure, ecosystem services, and urban climatology. His work explores the interplay between urban development and environmental sustainability, aiming to enhance urban resilience and ecological wellbeing. He has published over 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals and contributed chapters to various books, focusing on themes such as landscape ecology, regional planning, and environmental management.

Accolades and Recognition

Mr. Das’s dedication to research has earned him recognition, including Junior Research Fellowships from UGC-NET in 2016 and 2017. He is also enlisted in the AD Scientific Index List for 2023 and 2024, highlighting his impact in the academic community. His role as a reviewer for esteemed journals like Urban Climate, Science of The Total Environment, and Frontiers in Environmental Science underscores his expertise and influence in the field.

Impact and Influence

Through his interdisciplinary research, Manob Das has significantly influenced urban ecology and environmental planning practices. His insights into ecosystem services and urban thermal environments have informed policy-making and sustainable development strategies both nationally and internationally. His collaborations with global research entities reflect his commitment to advancing geographical sciences on a global scale.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Mr. Das’s legacy is characterized by his pioneering research in urban ecology and landscape planning, contributing to the broader understanding of sustainable urban development. His future contributions are poised to further advance the integration of environmental considerations into urban planning and policy frameworks. By continuing to explore themes like urban resilience and ecological wellbeing, Manob Das is shaping the discourse on sustainable cities and societies, ensuring a more harmonious relationship between urban growth and environmental conservation.


A total of 949 citations for his publications, demonstrating the impact and recognition of his research within the academic community.

  • Citations        949
  • h-index          58
  • i10-index       18

Notable Publications 

Manob Das | Ecosystem | Young Scientist Award

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