Assist Prof Dr. Irfan Ali - Aligarh Muslim University - India ūüŹÜ

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits :

His academic journey commenced at Aligarh Muslim University, where he pursued his Bachelor's degree in Statistics, culminating with a Ph.D. in Statistics in 2013. His research during these academic pursuits explored Mathematical Programming Approaches in Reliability and applied Branch and Bound Techniques for solving Integer Programming Problems.

Professional Endeavors :

His professional journey is characterized by his dedicated tenure at Aligarh Muslim University. His roles as Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics and Operations Research span various grades, showcasing his continuous growth and contribution to academia. Additionally, he served as Visiting Faculty in the Department of Plant Protection at the Faculty of Agriculture, further diversifying his academic engagements.

Contributions and Research Focus in Operations Research and Statistics:

His research expertise lies in Applied Statistics, Optimization, Modeling, and Simulation. His prolific work delves into Stochastic Processes, Mathematical Sciences, and Optimization Techniques, as evidenced by his thesis, publications, and invited talks in various national and international conferences.

Accolades and Recognition :

Throughout his career, he has been recognized for his significant contributions. Notably, he has received invitations to deliver talks at esteemed institutions and international conferences. His involvement in Faculty Development Programs and international workshops underscores his standing in the academic community.

Impact and Influence :

His influence resonates through his teaching experience spanning over eight years. His adeptness in Statistics, Optimization, and Data Science has not only shaped numerous undergraduate and postgraduate students but also contributed to the academic landscape in these fields.

Legacy and Future Contributions :

As an Assistant Professor, He continues to contribute to the realms of Applied Statistics and Optimization theory. His focus on research, teaching, and participation in diverse academic forums indicates a trajectory towards further impactful contributions and the potential to inspire future statisticians and researchers.


A total of 2448 citations for his publications, demonstrating the impact and recognition of his research within the academic community.

                   Citations            1373           1075
                    h-index               22                20
                   i10-index             44                36

Notable Publications :

Irfan Ali | Operations Research and Statistics | Best Researcher Award

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