The Academic-Industry Collaboration Award acknowledges and celebrates successful partnerships and collaborations between academia and industry in India. This prestigious award recognizes collaborative initiatives that have demonstrated significant achievements, fostering synergies between academic research and industrial innovation.

About the Award:

The Academic-Industry Collaboration Award aims to honor exemplary collaborations between academic institutions and industries in India that have resulted in impactful outcomes, technological advancements, and mutual benefits for both sectors.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to collaborations between Indian academic institutions and industries
  • No specific age limit or individual eligibility
  • Demonstrated successful collaborative projects or initiatives
  • Evidence of substantial outcomes and contributions from the collaboration
  • Documentation showcasing the synergy between academia and industry

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Significance and impact of the collaborative efforts between academia and industry
  • Innovation and advancements achieved through the collaboration
  • Mutual benefits and contributions to both academic and industrial sectors
  • Demonstrated success in addressing real-world challenges or fostering innovation
  • Potential for sustained collaboration and future scalability of initiatives

Submission Guidelines:

  • Nomination dossier outlining the collaborative project/initiative and its impact
  • Abstract highlighting key achievements and outcomes of the collaboration
  • Supporting documentation showcasing the success and benefits of the collaboration


Recipients of the Academic-Industry Collaboration Award are honored through a distinguished ceremony, gaining recognition and visibility within academic and industrial circles in India.

Community Impact:

Winners serve as models of successful collaboration, encouraging and inspiring further partnerships between academia and industry, leading to advancements, innovation, and societal impact.

Academic-Industry Collaboration Award

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