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Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

He embarked on his academic journey with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry from Kerala Agricultural University, where he excelled as a rank holder with a remarkable OGPA of 9.0. Subsequently, he pursued a Master of Veterinary Science in Veterinary Microbiology from Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishwa Vidhyalaya, where he achieved an outstanding OGPA of 8.77 with honors. Continuing his academic pursuits, he obtained a Doctor of Philosophy in Wildlife Sciences from Saurashtra University, Rajkot, Gujarat, in 2020.

Professional Endeavors

His professional journey began with his tenure as a Veterinary Officer and Laboratory Officer in the Remount Veterinary Corps of the Indian Army. During this period, he conducted extensive research on disease diagnosis and management, earning recognition with the prestigious "Chief of Army Staff Commendation" in 2002. Transitioning to the field of wildlife, he spearheaded numerous research initiatives focusing on ecological inquiries, wildlife diseases, and conservation challenges.

Contributions and Research Focus in Wildlife Science

His research has significantly contributed to the understanding of ecological, behavioral, and biological attributes of various wild animals. His work encompasses movement ecology, genetic and evolutionary investigations, capture and translocation methods, and wildlife health management strategies. Notable achievements include his contributions to the reintroduction of tigers in Sariska Tiger Reserve and the establishment of Indian Gaur populations in Bandhavgarh and Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve.

Accolades and Recognition

His pioneering contributions to wildlife science have been recognized with numerous accolades and awards. He has received the Outstanding Scientist Award for his exceptional work in the field of Wildlife Science.

Impact and Influence

His research and conservation efforts have had a profound impact on wildlife management and biodiversity conservation in India. His work has informed policy decisions and conservation strategies aimed at preserving endangered species and their habitats.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As the head of the Division of Wildlife Health Management at the Wildlife Institute of India, Dr. Nigam continues to lead initiatives for the holistic conservation of wildlife. His membership in esteemed organizations such as the IUCN-Veterinary Specialist Group underscores his commitment to advancing wildlife science and conservation biology. His legacy lies in his dedication to protecting India's rich biodiversity for future generations.


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Parag Nigam | Wildlife Science | Outstanding Scientist Award

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