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Jain Deemed to be University - India

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

She commenced her academic journey with a strong foundation in Psychology. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from BMS College for Women, Bangalore, securing First Class in 2005. Subsequently, she pursued her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from the Indian Institute of Psychology and Research, affiliated with Bangalore University, achieving Second Class honors in 2008. Her educational journey continued with a Ph.D. in Neurocognition and Social Cognition in the elderly at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, where she successfully defended her thesis in 2020.

Professional Endeavors

Her professional trajectory reflects a diverse range of roles in academia and research. She started her career as a Lecturer at the Indian Institute of Psychology and Research, handling practical classes for PG students from February 2009 to April 2009. Subsequently, she engaged in administrative roles at Prist University Study Centre, involving counseling and guiding students from September 2008 to June 2009. Her journey extended to special education at Deepika Special School, where she served as a Psychologist/Special Educator, focusing on training and scheduling activities for individuals with Autism and learning disabilities from June 2009 to May 2010.

Contributions and Research Focus in Neuropsychology 

She significantly contributed to research during her tenure at NIMHANS, particularly in the field of dementia, late-onset depression, and the efficacy of yoga on alcoholism. Her roles as a Senior Research Fellow and Junior Research Fellow on various ICMR and ICSSR projects indicate her commitment to advancing knowledge in these critical areas of mental health, Neuropsychology .

Accolades and Recognition

The provided information doesn't explicitly mention specific accolades or awards received by her. However, her qualifications, including successfully qualifying the Karnataka State Eligibility Test (K-SET) in Psychology in 2014, suggest a high level of academic achievement and recognition.

Impact and Influence

Her impact is evident through her role as an Assistant Professor at Jain Deemed-to-be University, where she imparts knowledge in areas such as Biological Processes, Cognitive Psychology, Psychopathology, Neuropsychology and Research Methodology. Her extensive research experience at NIMHANS has likely contributed to the understanding of dementia, late-onset depression, and the role of yoga in alcoholism.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Her legacy is marked by her multifaceted contributions to education, research, and mental health. As an Assistant Professor, she continues to shape the future of psychology students. Her research legacy, particularly in neurocognition and social cognition in the elderly, leaves a lasting impact on the understanding of mental health challenges in the aging population. Looking ahead, her future contributions are anticipated to further enrich the field of psychology, especially in areas related to cognitive aging and mental well-being.

Notable Publications

Nagalakshmi | Neuropsychology | Best Researcher Award

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