Dr. Megala Jayaraman - Targeted Drug Delivery for Gastrointestinal Cancer - Best Researcher Award ūüŹÜ¬†

SRM Institute of Science and Technology - India

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

Her academic journey commenced with a strong foundation in life sciences, culminating in a Ph.D. in Cancer Biology & Immunogenetics from Bharathiar University. Her early academic pursuits included an M.Phil. in Biochemistry from Annamalai University, and she further expanded her knowledge with postgraduate studies in bioinformatics and biochemistry. This diverse educational background equipped her with the necessary skills to embark on a fulfilling career in research and academia.

Professional Endeavors

As an Associate Professor in the Department of Genetic Engineering at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, she has dedicated herself to advancing knowledge in cancer biology and immunogenetics. With nearly two decades of experience in academia, she has held various teaching and research positions at esteemed institutions, including Ethiraj College for Women and Vels University. Her expertise in life sciences and her passion for research have driven her professional endeavors towards understanding and combating gastrointestinal cancer.

Contributions and Research Focus in Targeted Drug Delivery for Gastrointestinal Cancer

Her research focus lies in gastrointestinal cancer treatment, with a particular emphasis on targeted drug delivery systems. Through her innovative research endeavors, she aims to develop novel drug delivery strategies to enhance the efficacy of cancer therapy while minimizing adverse effects. Her contributions in oncology, chemotherapy, and drug delivery systems have the potential to revolutionize gastrointestinal cancer treatment and improve patient outcomes.

Accolades and Recognition

Her exceptional contributions to cancer research have garnered recognition within the scientific community. Her research excellence has been acknowledged through awards, including the Best Researcher Award in Targeted Drug Delivery for Gastrointestinal Cancer. Her dedication to advancing cancer therapy through innovative drug delivery systems has earned her accolades and appreciation from peers and colleagues.

Impact and Influence

Her research has made a significant impact on the field of oncology and cancer therapy. Her work in targeted drug delivery for gastrointestinal cancer holds promise for improving treatment outcomes and enhancing patient care. Through her contributions to academia and research, she has influenced the direction of cancer research and inspired future generations of scientists to explore innovative approaches to cancer treatment.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Her legacy lies in her pioneering contributions to targeted drug delivery for gastrointestinal cancer. Her research endeavors have the potential to transform the landscape of cancer therapy, offering new hope to patients battling gastrointestinal tumors. As she continues her academic and research pursuits, her work will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on oncology, drug delivery systems, and the broader field of cancer research. Her future contributions will further advance our understanding of gastrointestinal cancer treatment, paving the way for improved therapies and better patient outcomes.


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Notable Publications


Megala Jayaraman | Targeted Drug Delivery for Gastrointestinal Cancer | Best Researcher Award

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