Dr. Amrit Pal Kaur - Electronics Design - Best Researcher Award🏆

University of Surrey - United Kingdom

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

She embarked on her academic journey with a Bachelor's in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering from Pune University. Subsequently, she pursued a Master's in VLSI & Embedded Systems from the Telecommunication Department at Pune University. Her passion for research led her to a Ph.D. in the Electrical and Instrumentation Department at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, where she continues her scholarly pursuits.

Professional Endeavors

She has a diverse professional background, including roles as a Research Fellow at the University of Surrey, Guildford, and as a Senior Research Fellow at Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala, India. Her research primarily revolves around Embedded Systems, Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Smart Grid, and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technologies. Notably, she contributed to projects involving intelligent lighting controllers, Electronics Design, smart charging networks, and time-of-use tariff estimation for optimal demand-side management using electric vehicles.

Contributions and Research Focus in Electronics Design

Her research focus spans across Embedded Systems, Signal Processing, Electronics Design and Machine Learning, particularly emphasizing their application in Smart Grid and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) systems. She has made significant contributions to the development of IoT-based net meters, three-phase net meters for V2G-enabled charging stations, and the optimization of demand-side management using electric vehicles.

Accolades and Recognition

Her work has been recognized through her publications in reputable journals and conferences. Notably, her publications in journals such as "Energy" and "Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks" have garnered high impact factors, signifying the relevance and significance of her research in the field.

Impact and Influence

Her influence extends through her research and teaching experiences. With her expertise in Embedded Systems, Signal Processing, and Machine Learning, she has contributed significantly to advancing smart grid technologies and the integration of electric vehicles into the grid, thereby influencing the direction of sustainable energy systems.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Her legacy lies in her substantial contributions to research in Embedded Systems, Signal Processing, and Machine Learning, particularly within the context of Smart Grid and V2G technologies. Her ongoing commitment to scholarly pursuits signifies her intent to continue shaping the future of sustainable energy systems through innovative research and academic endeavors.

Notable Publications

Amrit Pal Kaur | Electronics Design | Best Researcher Award

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