Dr. Ajoy Saha - Environmental Science - Best Researcher Award ūüŹÜ

Indian Council of Agricultural Research - India

Professional Profiles

Early Academic Pursuits

He a distinguished Senior Scientist in Agricultural Chemistry, has an extensive academic background that laid the foundation for his impactful career. He pursued his Ph.D. from ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), focusing on Agricultural Chemicals, Entomology, and Environmental Sciences. His doctoral research centered on the decontamination of pesticides-contaminated water using various adsorbents, earning him accolades with a remarkable score of 8.18/10.00. Prior to his Ph.D., He completed his M.Sc. at IARI, specializing in Agricultural Chemicals and undertaking research on the greener synthesis and nitrification inhibitory activity of 5-substituted-1,3,4-thiadiazole-2-thiols. His commitment to academic excellence is evident in his first-class performance with a score of 8.05/10.00. His academic journey commenced with a B.Sc. in Agriculture (Hons.) from Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya, showcasing his dedication to Soil Science, Agricultural Chemistry, and Agricultural Chemicals.

Professional Endeavors

He boasts a rich research experience spanning 18 years, starting during his M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs and extending into impactful roles in various ICAR research institutes. His journey includes significant stints at ICAR-Directorate of Groundnut Research in Junagadh, ICAR-Directorate of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research in Anand, and presently as a Senior Scientist at ICAR-Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute (CIFRI), Barrackpore.

Contributions and Research Focus in Environmental Science

His broad research focus revolves around the biogeochemistry of inland open water bodies, wastewater treatment, pesticide residue chemistry, soil microbial interactions, and quality control of medicinal plants. His work encompasses the assessment of water and sediment chemistry in inland water bodies, development of low-cost adsorbents for decontamination, and the analysis of pesticide residues in food and the environment. His expertise extends to understanding pesticide-soil microbe interactions, particularly their impact on soil enzymatic and microbial dynamics. He also contributes significantly to the quality control and value addition of medicinal plants, addressing concerns related to pesticides, heavy metals, and aflatoxins.

Accolades and Recognition

Throughout his career, He has earned recognition for his outstanding contributions. His research in the field of Agricultural Chemistry and Environmental Sciences has led to method development and validation for pesticide residue analysis, ensuring food and environmental safety.

Impact and Influence

His research has a profound impact on sustainable practices in agriculture, environmental conservation, and the protection of water bodies. His work significantly contributes to the understanding of ecological systems and their resilience in the face of anthropogenic activities.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As a Senior Scientist at CIFRI, He continues to build on his legacy of impactful research. His focus on environmental science, ecology, sustainability, conservation, and biodiversity aligns with the global imperative for responsible and sustainable practices. His commitment to advancing knowledge and addressing pressing environmental challenges ensures a lasting legacy of positive contributions to science and society. In essence, His journey reflects a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and the betterment of our environment through cutting-edge research and dedicated contributions.


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Ajoy Saha | Environmental Science | Best Researcher Award

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