Mr. Shahzeb Khan | Clinical Data Science | Young Scientist Award

Mahatma Gandhi Central University- India

Author Profile

Early Academic Pursuits

Shahzeb Khan’s academic journey began with his matriculation from CBSE with an impressive 9.2 CGPA in 2013, followed by his intermediate studies where he secured 75% in 2015. He pursued his Bachelor of Technology from AKTU, Uttar Pradesh, graduating in 2020 with a CGPA of 6.8. Subsequently, he pursued a Master of Technology from Mahatma Gandhi Central University, Bihar, where he excelled with an outstanding CGPA of 8.5, completing his degree in 2023.

Professional Endeavors

Shahzeb Khan has delved into various professional roles, showcasing his expertise in data science, programming, and teaching. He currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Applications at Sharda University, Greater Noida, where he imparts knowledge and skills to aspiring students. Previously, he held a similar position at Jagannath University College JIMS, Rohini, sector 3, teaching subjects like Big Data Analytics, Data Science, and Data Analytics. Additionally, he has worked as a Freelancer Data Science Trainer, conducting training sessions for industries and enhancing their understanding of data science concepts.

Contributions and Research Focus

Shahzeb Khan’s research interests primarily revolve around data science and its applications. He has contributed to various projects such as Home Automation, Weather Forecasting System, and Smart Health Prediction System. His notable research endeavor involves the development of a novel Reductive Bias and Hybrid GRU-CNN (RB-GRU-CNN) model for the prediction of PTB diagnostic ECG Time Series data, with a paper communicated in the journal of Biomedical & Signal Processing. Furthermore, his professional training and certifications in data science and web development highlight his dedication to staying updated with emerging technologies.

Accolades and Recognition

Shahzeb Khan’s contributions to the field of data science have garnered recognition, including certifications such as Microsoft Technical Associate Certified Front-end Web Developer and Certified Clinical Analyst using SaaS. His participation as a key coordinator in the TSML (Time Series Machine Learning) 2023 Summer Training Program at MGCUB underscores his leadership and organizational skills.

Impact and Influence

Through his roles as an educator, researcher, and freelancer, Shahzeb Khan has made a significant impact on individuals and organizations alike. His expertise in data science and programming has empowered students and professionals to harness the potential of data-driven technologies. Additionally, his research endeavors contribute to advancements in healthcare diagnostics and predictive modeling, potentially improving patient outcomes and healthcare practices.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Looking ahead, Shahzeb Khan aims to continue his journey of learning, growth, and development as an educator and researcher. His commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of data science positions him as a valuable asset to academia and the industry. Through his continued efforts, he endeavors to inspire and mentor future generations of data scientists while making meaningful contributions to the field through his research and professional endeavors.

Shahzeb Khan | Clinical Data Science | Young Scientist Award